Automate customer life cycle to drive more sales

Marketing automation for your website, landing pages, widgets and CRM. Timely customer engagement with emails, sms and other personalized messages.

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Help your customers make the right decision
at each stage of your relationship.

Automated email marketing
Sms marketing
Web forms

Your marketing toolbox
for lead generation

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Marketing Automation

Bulk, drip and triggered marketing campaigns using behavioral data and multichannel communications

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Lead management 360

Engagement history and personal data of your customers at your fingertips

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Nicgrade features

Benefits of using Nicgrade for your business

doneConsolidate your digital marketing efforts.

doneIncrease conversions into targeted actions.

doneIncrease upsell and cross-sell conversions.

doneReduce customer acquisition costs by up to 30%.

doneNurture leads, reduce customer churn.

Marketing team

Helps marketing teams launch creative campaigns and effectively engage with customers.

Sales team

Provides insights and engagement history along with nurtured, ready to buy leads.

Integrate Nicgrade with your website in just minutes

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