Nicgrade automates engagement using behavioral triggers for bulk and drip email campaigns.

As a result, you get a comprehensive email marketing tool that enables you to quickly personalize nurturing campaigns and precisely target your audience. Timely deliver personalized messages to your potential and existing customers.

Adaptive email builder and predefined templates

Create high-quality, responsive emails with a simple drag-and-drop builder:

  • Create email messages of any complexity without HTML skills, using customizable, responsive templates.
  • Preview and send test emails before launching your campaign.
  • Clone email templates for quick re-use.

Email nurturing

Automate the customer nurturing process to help make a purchase decision, at each stage of your sales funnel:

  • Automate your email nurturing process to help customers make a purchase decision at each stage of the sales funnel, using behavioral triggers (page visit, element click, enable chat, fill web form), lead scoring or predefined schedule.
  • Program your email nurturing flow to timely engage with right segment of your potential customers.
  • Increase audience engagement with timely and personalized messages.

Email personalization

Increase audience engagement and generate more leads with relevant and unique email messages:

  • Configure dynamic messages based on geodata, behavioral and personal data.
  • Customize dynamic segments using behavior-based and CRM-based fields.
  • Configure your branded sender email address and signature depending on the assigned sales manager.

Email marketing analytics

Analyze and optimize email campaigns with integrated report panel. Measure marketing ROI, the impact on conversions:

  • View real-time reports of current email campaigns.
  • Analyze data with dynamic segmentation and time filters.
  • Track conversions at each stage of the funnel.
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