Nicgrade helps marketing and sales teams work at fast pace by getting meaningful data at the right time.

As a result, you get a free two-way synchronization of contact data between Nicgrade and your CRM. Combine aggregated data from CRM and other services, to get comprehensive analytics through entire funnel. Optimize bottlenecks in your sales funnel and increase revenue.

Aligning efforts of your sales, marketing and support teams

  • Free ready-to-use integration with CRM
  • Free ready-to-use integration with online-chat widgets
  • Coming soon integration with callback widgets
  • Coming soon integration with cloud phone system
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crm integration

Bitrix24 CRM integration:

  • Real-time notifications and personalized messages for your sales managers.
  • Automatically translate ready-to-buy leads and all meaningful data into your CRM.
  • Automatically assign hot leads to sales managers in your CRM.

JivoSite online-chat integration:

  • Gives an additional set of triggers to automate flows based on customer actions performed in online-chat widgets.
  • Customer data aggregation and activity history.
Online chat


Free, seamless integration with CRM

Minimal involvement of IT-department. Simple setup in minutes.

Free, seamless integration with Online-Chat widgets

Nicgrade integrates with your current customer support solutions like online-chat or callback, without changing your internal process and allowing your managers to focus on your main goals.

Free, seamless integration with existing Web Forms without code changes

Create or connect existing web forms on your web site, in minutes.

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